French Toast

Torrijas_2 Foto de Anahi Logioco

Torrejas o torrijas as they say in Spanish or French toast as the Americans say about Grilled pain français, although it seems that they call ameritte or pain perdu (lost bread).

The Romans called pain a la romaine (bread to the Roman style) and in England they call it Poor knights of Windsor … whatever you call it, the interesting thing about this recipe is that you can do with the day-old bread is nutritious and very tasty. Continue reading


A simple brunch

Brunch Simple_2 Foto de Anahi Logioco

On the weekends we like to make a special breakfast, this brunch is ideal.

Whenever I have a special mixmade ​​pancakes in a jar, just I need to add the liquids and any ingredient at the time to make it more nutritious, such as corn meal, oat bran, pureed orchopped fruit. For me, the ideal is to make no fruit because I like to serve with eggs, meats, cheeses and jams or sauteed fruit.

Make your breakfast a special time, this recipe is great because it is very simple and will take little time to do it. Continue reading