Homemade Pasta with crusty bread and gremolata


I love kneading bread or pasta, if I can do it, my family and friends love it. My children eat all kinds of homemade pasta, ribbons, noodles, pappardelle or filled pasta, white or wholemeal. If you like or want to start kneading it is good to try this recipe for easy addition is delicious.

These white ribbons accompany them with a white sauce, if you have no time to do, work perfectly with cream or cream cheese. The gratiné in the oven with a crispy bread with gremolata, if you want to know how did this attractive recipe



  • Ribbons – Fresh Pasta
  • 500 gr of flour extra flour for 0000 and the counter and stretched
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tbsp water if necessary

Place the flour on the counter or in a bowl if you find it easier, make a volcano in the center, add five eggs, olive oil, salt and pepper. Begin to integrate the eggs with the other ingredients and slowly start adding the flour from the center outward to successfully integrate all ingredients. Knead well until the dough smooth and homogeneous, if the notes very firm or hard, wet your hands with water and continue kneading them, this grant will allow moisture and you have a mass more maneable. Form a bun, cover and let rest on the counter.


While the dough rests make the white sauce, heat 800 ml of milk in a medium saucepan melt or large frying pan add 50g butter a tablespoon of oil to prevent the butter from burning, add 50 grams of flour and cook for a minute , add the milk gradually and with the help of a whisk go stirring to prevent lumps do, if you got a lot of experience off the heat and place the pan in a little milk mix thoroughly to avoid lumps and adding milk to integrate everything. Seasoning salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Cook until thickened, I like always end white sauce with a tablespoon of butter for shine.


Put to boil salted water in a large pot.

For CRISPY BREAD is ideal that you stay bread of yesterday and no longer has such freshness, since we need to cut or grind in a food processor, I like to cut it with bread knife into small cubes and then crumble it with your fingers, so there are different sized bits and gives even more texture to the dish. This bread will join a gremolata, a sauce or Italian dressing, which is based garlic, parsley and lemon zest flavors of Mediterranean roots. Chop a handful of parsley and fresh basil, 1 clove garlic, grate100g of parmesan cheese, chopped 100g of almonds rustically and grate the zest of lemon. In a in a pan, fry a bread quickly with two tablespoons of olive oil, just to turn crispy texture, taking temperature carefully because it can burn quickly and easily.

Once we remove it from the pan mix with the other ingredients aside. Reserve.


Roll out the dough into pasta machine, I like to stretch it to the point number 6 and cut the thick ribbons. And if you got no dough machine slowly with a wooden stick very fine stretch the dough, roll the dough and cut with a sharp knife desired size.

Boil fresh pasta in boiling salted water, this only 3 minutes of cooking, once the pasta rises to the surface remove and place in the pot of hot white sauce, mix well, taste the seasoning, if necessary rectify. Place in individual pots or a family source that can go in the oven. Place on hearty pasta with gremolata bread crust and bake to broil, serve hot. Serve with green salad and a slice of focaccia or country bread.


You have to test new flavors, try and eat something different and surprise your family and friends.


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