Spicy Eggplant …

I found some beautiful eggplants in the market, in this case a small, firm and fresh eggplants. I particularly love this vegetable because it´s versatility and flavor and I can in to many dishes to adapt, that inspires me.

You can make fried, steamed, baked, in a wok, with skins, peeled or just simply dipped in bread.

ABRIL 2013 005

ABRIL 2013 008

In this case I decided to make spicy and baked eggplants. They are ideal to accompany a pasta, rice, bulgur wheat, cous cous or a meat dish.

Cold, warm or hot can serve with cheeses and breads as antipasto.

ABRIL 2013 008


1 kg of babys eggplants


ground pepper

chili powder

crushed coriander seeds

baharat (or 7 spices)

fennel seeds

olive oil

To serve: cream cheese or plain yogurt

ABRIL 2013 013


Wash eggplants, the litle leave them whole, medium cut them in half. Place in a bowl, add the spices, salt and olive oil. Mix well, ideally you do with your hands as this would mix and integrate nicely spices.

Once you have all seasoned eggplant, place in a baking dish and bake for about  30 minute or until cooked and golden, stick a small knife, if is this soft, it´s ready.

ABRIL 2013 022

Once cooked, remove from the tray, serve with yogurt, cream cheese, some delicious homemade pasta a rice or a roasted meat.

Come talk about it, the versatility of some vegetables … that can consume in deferents combinations. It is great for vegetarians and carnivores

ABRIL 2013 023

Eat delicius, eat healthy. Play around with the flavors and try new ways to traditional ingredients.

Do it and then tell me!

ABRIL 2013 024


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