Roast beef braised in banana leaves …

This recipe I make quite often at home, is ideal when you want to work little, but you need to have availability of time to let the meat cook for a long time. Need little preparation time but at least two or three hours of cooking in oven or heavy saucepan if these hot days do not want to turn on the oven.

ABRIL 2013 153Braised, cooking of a product in liquid for some prolonged time at low temperature. What I like about this recipe is that by using banana leaves, you avoid using wax paper or aluminum foil, besides that leaves you add the meat a special flavor. These banana leaves in Argentina you can find them on the grounds in the gardens, for example I have a plant, actually several, because small plants grow rapidly and form a small island …

ABRIL 2013 155

The first step I do is cut the leaves and have to pass them through the fire of a stove, this gives the banana leaf flexibility allow us to adapt to the product and the tray.

ABRIL 2013 157

You have to put the longest leaves in the bottom of the pan, using the longest to cover the meat then seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, in this case I use a little turmeric and curry, bay leaves, olive oil, 1 glass of white wine, beef broth or vegetable amount necessary for you to cover up 3/4 of the meat. Add 2 onions and 2 tomatoes into pieces, place them on the seasoned meat, season and cover with the remaining banana leaves.

ABRIL 2013 165

ABRIL 2013 168

ABRIL 2013 169

Bake at 150° C or 300º F for two or three hours, that depend on each oven cooking. If you decided not to turn on the oven, does exactly the same as in the baking dish. Replaces the source for a pot of thick, can be iron or clay, the liquid you put it after closing the package of banana leaves. Carry the stove, once a boil, lower the fire well under if necessary place a diffuser. Go check that the liquid is not consumed, being necessary to place water or broth. Cook until you can cut the meat with a fork.

ABRIL 2013 170

Once is warm or cold meat cut with your fingers or with a fork.

ABRIL 2013 171

ABRIL 2013 175

ABRIL 2013 178

 I like to leave the leaves as base for preserving meat and moisture.

ABRIL 2013 187

I accompany it with naan bread, bulgur, onions and pickles, refried beans, hot sauce, and if you want you can make it lighter accompanied with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and yogurt with lemon zest, mint, salt, pepper and plive oil.

 ..ABRIL 2013 192


Here I leave the bread recipe.

ABRIL 2013 203

ABRIL 2013 208

You can cover the meat with the same baking leaves.

ABRIL 2013 212

You can carry all the ingredients involved with friends or family. In fact we have done several times.

It is delicius ! If you’re vegetarian are meatless and serve bread stuffing with cheese, beans, onions, cucumbers and fresh lettuce.

A casual lunch or dinner is sometimes the best way to share with friends!


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